About us

Before the war

The CodeIT team has supported various social projects in peaceful times. Since the beginning of the full-scale russian war against Ukraine, we have grown and founded CodeIT4Life. Its mission has become to help Kharkiv and region residents with evacuation, humanitarian aid, medicines supply, and to support the military defending our country.

Our Main Project

We strongly believe in the victory of Ukraine and think of the region’s natives’ and residents’ future. Thus, we have already launched the ReBuild Kharkiv charity project, designed to restore the critical infrastructure of the city.

Unfortunately we cannot bring back our lost and loved ones.

However, we can unite the whole world in mutual efforts to save and restore our city and ensure the survival and future lives of its people.

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We support

Cooking and Food Delivery

We are packing and delivering food packages to the hottest spots in the city and region. We have started with preparing 500+ portions of hot meals daily. In may the quantity of hot meals have grown to 5100. And now we prepare more than 1,5 thousand meals every day and deliver them to bomb shelters, hospitals and areas of the city and region with humanitarian crisis.

People Evacuation

Since the first day of full-scale war, we have been evacuating people from the hottest places in the region and city to the bomb shelters, providing them with food and necessities. Then we have been searching for vehicles, fuel and helping families to leave for safer places.

Medicines Supply

We purchase and deliver needed medicines to the civilians in the hottest spots in the city and region. We also provide medical institutions of the city with medical instruments.

Defenders Support

We help our front-line defenders, SES, law enforcement institutions, and doctors with the provision of necessary equipment and cars. Also we deliver bandages, thermal underwear, food packages, and hot meals. *Defenders' support is provided only with the funds directly allocated to that purpose only.

The ReBuild Kharkiv Project

We call and unite the whole world in the project focused on Kharkiv restoration. The first object to restore is one of the city hospitals, which was destroyed by the russian occupiers.

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Our support

16 mln UAH

collected and spent to help Kharkiv

100+ families

were evacuated from Kharkiv region to safer places

400 000 kg

of humanitarian aid handed over to civilians

1500 hot meals

are prepared and delivered daily to civilians, hospitals, Ukrainian soldiers

Daily delivery of food and medicines

To areas without supply

Our contacts

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

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Alex Kholodenko +1 561 817 9936
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Evheniia Semeniak +38 093 574 34 20