The “Life Savers” Project has been implemented!
Within this project, we provided help to a shelter for cats and dogs in Pokotylivka, which is located in the Kharkiv region. This shelter was created by a couple of internally displaced persons – Lyubov and Volodymyr, who maintained it exclusively at their expense. All the wards who are in the shelter are animals evacuated from the de-occupied Kozacha Lopan’.

By joining forces, we managed to raise money for:

a construction of two spacious open-air cages for 10 dogs and 10 cats;
transfer of more than 150 kg of fodder, which will be enough for at least two months;
provided 2 leashes and 8 collars for animals that did not have such equipment yet.

We are happy to be a force that unites people in the desire to improve the life of the entire Kharkiv Region. Including our four-legged residents.

Thank you to everyone who does not stand aside and joins our initiatives!