From January to July 2023, we were able to help our military. We have purchased and provided:

8 Mavic quadcopters, 78 pairs of tactical footwear, 5 helmets and bulletproof vests, 240 tactical medical kits, 6 generators, 68 stretchers for the wounded, and 139 turnstiles.

We sent 61 sleeping bags for soldiers, 10 communication radios, 101 tool kits, 7 metal detectors, as well as 61 sets of equipment.

During this period, we also successfully implemented the “Gear for 50 Warriors” project.

The total expenses incurred during this time amount to 3,579,300 UAH, and every hryvnia invested in our defenders helps bring victory closer and saves lives.

To support us, you can make a contribution to the official fund accounts on our website.

Thank you for your support