We are committed to the cultural development of the generation that is growing. And you can instill in the children and girlfriends of lovers their own, native, Ukrainian culture. Traditions are discussed, passed on from generation to generation, and also, there is a cultural code that cannot be avoided. This is what happens to us because of big problems. Those who have the history of the people, I, from whom you can see the process of creation of the nation. Those who are embarrassed to write. Our authenticity, our tradition.

17 years ago, our children’s room was cherished by Serhiy Zhadan, a Ukrainian writer, translator, great activist, frontman of the groups “Zhadan and Dogs” and “Mannerheim Line”. Zoryana Bindas is a Ukrainian poet, novelist, blogger, writer, presenter, and journalist. Ta Pavlo Korobchuk – writer, musician, journalist, representative of the “Smiley Lives” foundation.

Zoryana spoke about the book by Vlas, “Patriotic Cats.” Pavlo and Sergiy came up with the topic of literature for children. Zhadan shared the rich verses, and Pavlo presented the drawing, which is a contribution to the knowledge of skin from childhood.

In addition, the scribes also brought books to the local library and consulted with the young people. Listeners have little opportunity to provide food, discuss their favorite things, or share their stories.

The Kharkiv plastuns began to wail in the air, as they shared the fire of Bethlehem with Derhachivshchyna, or the skin could ignite the blessed fire at their home, quoting the plastun: “at the skin trench.”

At sunset, young man David Pozdnyakov dedicated a song of authorship to Sergius Zhadan.

At the end of the day, the head of the Dergachiv Municipal Military Administration, Vyacheslav Zadorenko, also vowed.

And already on the 18th of today, one of the children’s spaces cherished the “Pirig and Batig” group, as part of the beneficial concert tour of the Kharkiv region “Kolyada”.

“Pirig and Batig” is a musical and poetic project, the creativity of which is aimed at the popularization of the language of the region through musical, poetic and song forms (shmagan). Such concerts, created by Ukrainians about Ukrainian, for the popularization ї yours. These people will soon touch their hearts, want to become closer to their culture, and may have a great influx into the formation of a sweet, blessed marriage.

At sunset, Ukrainian carols sounded, our sacred song slump, as well as a few compositions from the album “Greens”, set to the poetry of Bohdan-Igor Antonich. Young and mature guests have little opportunity to get acquainted with our culture and literary decline in the format of modern Ukrainian music.

We are written by well-known Ukrainian authors, who give respect to the development of the generation that is growing up. We are glad that many children and adults enjoy Ukrainian culture and continue their development. Moreover, real contacts with known people give the opportunity to learn about those who stand behind the creations of mysticism. Mitzi ceases to be obvious, and the child realizes that she is the same human being, who rejects evidence and experiences the fall and fall. Cultural evenings, woven from national culture, weave love to their own in children’s hearts. And getting to know the authors not only broadens children’s perspective, but also popularizes Ukrainian culture and mysticism.

Let’s continue to work for the future of Ukraine!