Restoring traditions of celebrations and paying special attention to Ukrainian national customs are of great importance for the preservation of Ukrainian culture, because this is a step towards maintaining national identity. That is why we paid great attention to the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day this year.

On December 6th and 7th, Saint Nicholas Day celebrations organized by our team took place in children’s spaces in Savyntsi, Bezruky, and Derhachi. Around 160 children joined these celebrations!

We provided the events with sweets and drinks for the little ones, helped with the decoration of the premises, and invited animators in Derhachi and Savyntsi, in Bezruky we held a small performance by the Puppet Theater called “What happened to the baby deer”.

Teachers from our children’s spaces also took an active part in organizing the celebrations. For example:

in Derhachi, a master class was held on painting plaster figurines, which the children were able to take home with them.

The representatives of the Savyntsi community created a festive program in addition to the show with animators, which included contests for children and a disco. At the end of the celebration, children received sweet gifts and creativity kits.

In the children’s space in Bezruky, we held an origami master class, brought sweets for the celebration party, and also gifted Ukrainian books.

We express our gratitude to those who support our project “Safe Ukrainian Childhood”. It would not be possible without you.

Unfortunately, the war continues. The Kharkiv region continues to be a war zone, educational institutions, clubs, sports spaces, and concert venues do not work here. All this affects the psychological and emotional state of children. But thanks to our project, we give children the opportunity to meet with their peers, attend and create concerts, celebrate various events, and most importantly – bring back the smiles of the children.

A little change can make a big difference. Let’s make children’s dreams come true together!