One of the important aspects of our activities is support for defenders.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been helping our defenders: soldiers on the front line, the State Emergency Service, and law enforcement agencies in the procurement and delivery of necessary equipment (including drones, generators, charging stations, and vehicles). We also deliver bandaging materials, thermal underwear, clothing and footwear, food, hot meals, energy drinks, and more.

A separate initiative is the collection of tactical medical kits (already in the process of the 9th batch) and soft carriers.

Currently, we are collecting donations for the “Gear for 50 warriors” campaign which aims to purchase demi-season military uniforms for 50 defenders! The total amount is 25,000 euros, with 5,000 euros being allocated by the foundation to implement the project.

You can make your contribution and thank the defenders for their heroic deeds using the following details:
Monobank: 5375411203573808
or via the link.