The world rests on people. Our Ukraine rests on the unity and strength of these people.

Our Codeit4life team consists of people who give themselves physically and mentally every day and bring our common victory closer.

We want to start the year 2023 with gratitude to all those who have been with us from the very beginning and during this difficult year, and are moving forward with us together.

Everyone who supported our projects and initiatives, thereby motivating us to keep the pace. Everyone who helped: with advice, work, donations, different goods, words of support and even their own hands. Everyone who risked their lives while driving to the sounds of explosions, because there were people  waiting for us on the other side: for evacuation, rescue, and humanitarian aid. To everyone who chose freedom every day and went further, making their contribution.

We thank our partners for the support and help. National foundations, international organizations, small local enterprises, our friends and people whom we did not know before the war – everyone with whom we had the opportunity to cooperate last year – is incredible. You have partnered with us to provide hot meals, food packages, and household chemicals, tactical medical kits, medicines, bandages, and many other things!  Thanks to your support, we are ready to continue doing great deeds together.

And most importantly, we thank our team: real People, volunteers, without whom this post would definitely not exist. The CodeIT4Life team is formed by people from different industries and fields, united by the common goal of helping and by believing in our country, our people. These are those who help in the warehouse, at the headquarters, online, in Kharkiv, in Ukraine and abroad. We are proud of our team. We are grateful to everyone who has joined us.