Light always wins. And children always deserve and expect miracles. Despite the fact that our foundation was not quite in a festive mood, children are always a priority.

A few days ago, familiar volunteer colleagues offered to organize a holiday for IDP children in one of the hostels in Kharkiv, and we happily agreed. Volunteer Oksana Lyubivets collected money to congratulate children from/from de-occupation and offered to join forces on St. Nicholas

With our joint efforts, we managed to collect more than 150 sets of candies, buy gifts according to the children’s lists, decorate the room for the holiday on the eve, bring pizza and drinks and invite entertainers. The holiday was a success: the children danced, took part in competitions and were able to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the holidays for at least a few hours.

We are grateful to everyone who made this event possible, donated and helped in the organization. Children’s smiles are worth continuing to do good deeds.