Give Christmas to the best people in the country.

“Parcel of Gratitude”

We implemented this project in order to give a little warmth to our defenders on the eve of Christmas. We wanted to not only provide them with the necessary things –  we do that all the time. But we wanted to add to that sweets, postcards and a festive mood, so that every defender feels that they are not forgotten, they are awaited, that we are grateful to them. And that we are right here beside them, even if we are kilometers away.

During the course of the project, we collected 115 “Parcels of Gratitude”, with a total weight of 1 ton, and personally brought all the packages to the defenders in two regions: Kharkiv and Donetsk.

We wanted to bring a holiday to those who fight for those holidays for the whole country. We succeeded! Our volunteers, who took the boxes directly to the defenders, saw the childishly surprised, touched and happy eyes of the bravest soldiers. The defenders sincerely rejoiced when they found postcards from their hometowns and said that they carry the drawings from kids with them from position to position, guarding them as the most precious treasure.

We thank everyone who contributed to our project: donations, sent packages and even reposts that you made in social media, because together with you we were able to bring warmth to even more defenders.

Thank you for supporting the initiatives of our foundation!