Providing metal detectors to the first line of defense – to the sappers.

The project is aimed at providing the soldiers of the “Spartan” engineer division with the required number of metal detectors.

The goal of the project: Improvement of the task execution on the front line by the engineer division by providing the required number of metal detectors.

Problem: Sappers are the guys who are reclaiming our lands on the “hot spots” of the front lines. They are the ones who are always the first to go to the assault in order to clear the road and provide an opportunity for the entire unit to advance through the positions. Unfortunately, they do not always have the required number of devices for searching and demining the area, which exposes them and the entire assault group to additional risks.

Implementation: During the existence of the initiative, 16 servicemen of the “Spartan” engineer division were equipped with metal detectors.

We are very grateful to everyone who supports us with donations to the official accounts of the fund and contributes to the support of the military and the approach of our Victory.