Thanks to the incredible efforts of many people who haven’t given up during these challenging times for all of us, the safe kids’ space in Dergachi continues to operate seamlessly.

We receive thorough support from the local authorities, for which we express our sincere gratitude.

Thanks to your empathy and support, CodeIT4life volunteers regularly provide children with coloring books, pencils, paints, various treats, and toys.

Recently, together with the ONUKY Foundation, we brought a bookshelf and many interesting books, including not only fairy tales but also literature on important topics such as sexual education and anti-bullying, which will help children maintain their mental well-being in the future.

Our foundation’s team is doing everything possible to enrich children’s lives with diverse events and activities. Over the past few weeks, we have organized workshops for children on the occasion of Maslyana and Easter, where they painted Easter eggs and decorated birds. In our room, the children had the opportunity to watch an exciting puppet theater performance.

Furthermore, we pay attention to the children’s physical health and organize workshops on breakdancing and acrobatics with the help of the foundation’s volunteers. By the way, in another children’s room that we will soon open in Dergachi, the emphasis will be on physical education and children’s development.

For over a year, children have been studying remotely due to the war. They are deprived of the opportunity to meet with friends, which significantly affects their daily lives and mood. Therefore, we are very grateful to everyone who supports our initiative, understanding that the mental well-being of children is of great importance right now.

We always welcome new partners who want to join CodeIT4Life and offer their workshops, teaching sessions, or performances for children. Let’s create more opportunities for the children of Kharkiv region together and make their everyday lives a bit brighter!

To get involved and support the Safe Ukrainian Childhood project, simply send us a direct message.

Thank you for your kindness and care for children!