Until February 24th, she was a member of the university cheerleading team, participating in competitions as part of the national team and winning medals at the Ukrainian Championships. She also worked as a choreographer with young cheerleaders.

She started doing stand-up comedy but found it impossible to continue due to the invasion. Furthermore, she had planned to pursue in-person education at Law Academy after two years of quarantine. However, since the beginning of the war, she dedicated all her efforts to supporting herself, her loved ones, and her friends emotionally, while trying to comprehend the new reality. She turned to her creative side.

Later on, she found the CodeIT4Life team. Ilona realized that now she could help Ukraine beyond just assisting her closest circle. She understood that she wanted to make her contribution to our struggle and ultimate victory.

Ilona’s biggest motivation is seeing how her actions improve the lives of people, especially children, during challenging times, and creating reasons for joy.