“We give animals to those who don’t just want to have a dog, but to those who want to save one” – under this motto, there exists an animal shelter in the village of Pokotylivka.

Our Kobe couldn’t pass by this story, so we’re launching a fundraiser for the four-legged friends.

We need a total of 78,000 UAH: for constructing enclosures, providing medical treatment, and ensuring a month’s supply of food for the shelter.

We’re also seeking foundations whose activities are focused on animal support to take the Pokotylivka shelter under their care. Join the fundraising campaign.

If you represent a foundation, please reach out to us directly.

Now, a bit more about the shelter:

Lyubov and Volodymyr, its owners, are displaced individuals from Kozacha Lopan. After the de-occupation of the village, they came to help Lyuba’s mother, who had been living in occupied territory. During their visit, they discovered numerous abandoned animals. At first, people and volunteers would bring food for the animals every week, then they started searching for a shelter for them. One such shelter was found at a horse farm in Odessa, which houses around 250 animals.

When it was time for Lyuba’s mother to evacuate, she refused to leave without the animals. No one else could care for them, locals wanted to put them down, and the volunteers were running out of resources to provide food. The decision was made to take them along.

After extensive searching, they found a large house in Pokotylivka, where the animals now have a home. They’ve set up everything with their own hands, using their own funds and help from volunteers. Since February, they’ve built kennels and 5 covered enclosures. There are plans for 2 more enclosures and a stove to conveniently cook food for all.

Meanwhile, people carefully seek new homes for the animals, vetting potential adopters and asking for updates after an animal is taken.

Currently, the shelter houses 10 dogs and 10 cats. Some need veterinary care and are recovering from injuries caused by enemy shelling. Their caregivers are constantly seeking medicine and food.

Thanks to our volunteers’ initiative, the animals received a check-up from veterinarian and several minor surgeries have been scheduled.

You can contribute to our fundraising, and your donations will be used for building materials, veterinary services, food, and accessories for the animals. We won’t leave the smallest ones in distress.